Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

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Saint Georges
October 1, 2022
Saint Georges School, Mead

Beginner Course (11 controls, 1.4 km)
Angela Rose 19m 54s
Ishaan Khattry 35m 17s
Daryl & Judy Baird 49m 50s
Donna, Chris, & Nancy 55m 15s
Mona Parker & Kathy Graham * 113m 0s
* "Had the most fun"
Intermediate Course (9 controls, 1.6 km)
Angela Rose 19m 54s
Shawna & Daiden Eddy 39m 15s
Jack Ginter 41m 46s
Advanced Course (10 controls, 1.5 km)
John Schmitt 23m 32s
John Harbuck 25m 9s
Jim Tuck 35m 35s
Angela Rose 36m 6s
Michelle Breach 37m 0s
Alyssa Fitzgerald 39m 37s
Lisa & Darby Smith 40m 21s
Logan Husted 43m 47s
Dana Eberly & Tracy Schoenleber 63m 0s
Course Designer: John Beck
Control Pickup: John Beck and John Schmitt
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