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Upcoming Local Events

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      Fishtrap Lake Warm-up

      Print out your own map and go explore the basalt canyons around Fishtrap! Hosted by Cascade Orienteering Club.
      location_on Sprague Hwy RD E access_time 6:30 AM - 8:00 PM
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      On Friday Cascade Orienteering will set out controls on four courses in the interesting shrub-steppe land near Fishtrap Lake, south of Cheney. Print out a beginner, intermediate, shorter advanced, or longer advanced map and go for it at your own pace. Links to the map and other details will be available on Cascade's website.

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      Fisk State Park - Day 1

      Cascade OC gets the week started in this beautiful newly-mapped area just northwest of Spokane.
      location_on Nine Mile Falls access_time TBD
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      Cascade Orienteering Club has been dying to debut their fantastic map of Fisk State Park for a couple of years now but the wait is finally over. The property is covered in beautiful, runnable forests interspersed with seemingly out-of-place rock outcroppings.

      This national ranking event will be Cascade's Ultimate Orienteer #8, The Marmot Cup, and The Western States Championships all rolled into one. Courses for this event will be middle distance.

      cascadeoc.org to register and get other details from the source.

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      Fisk State Park - Day 2

      More middle distance courses on Cascade Orienteering Club's awesome new map.
      location_on Nine Mile Falls access_time TBD
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      Sunday will be Day Two of the Western States Champs with more middle distance courses and fierce competition.

      cascadeoc.org for all the details and link to register.

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      Riverside State Park

      EWOC takes over hosting duties on Day 4 of PNWOF, with classic courses starting near the "airstrip" at Camp Seven Mile.
      location_on Riverside SP at Camp Seven Mile access_time Noon - 2:00 PM
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      Today's event will not be national ranking, but we hope to offer quality orienteering on some neat terrain in Riverside State Park. John Harbuck will design courses that take advantage of recent improvements to our map.

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      Holmberg Conservation Area

      Tuesday's event is on EWOC's newest map.
      location_on 720 W Holland, Spokane access_time 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM starts
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      EWOC's Tracy Schoenleber will design three courses for the 5th day of the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival.:

      Come play on the new map!

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      Larry Creek

      On Thursday PNWOF picks up with an event in Montana, hosted by Grizzly Orienteering club.
      location_on Larry Creek, MT access_time 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM starts
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      Larry Creek is the gently-sloped base of St. Joseph Park, the ninth highest of the Bitterroot Mountains. Elevation ranges from approximately 1,000m to 1,300m. The woods are mainly wide open, with a scattering of thicker vegetation and rock and contour detail

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      Soft Rock

      Day 6 of PNWOF: another national ranking event hosted by Grizzly Orienteering.
      location_on Corvallis, MT access_time 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM starts
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      The area consists of two distinct parts: an open, sagebrush-covered gentle hillside with relatively few featues; and an extremely detailed section of hills and valleys covered in cliffs, boulders, and reentrants. Runnability is outstanding throughout, with virtually no green on the map. This area is extremely well-suited to a technical and physical middle distance race.

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      Lubrecht Experimental Forest

      A long distance national ranking event brought to you by Grizzly Orienteering.
      location_on Greenough, MT access_time 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM starts
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      Lubrecht Experimental Forest is 30 miles NE of Missoula in the Blackfoot River drainage. Grizzly Orienteering Club will produce very high quality long courses on this interesting terrain.

      See Grizzly O's
      event page for details about the map and event, plus a link to pre-register.

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      University of MT

      PNWOF wraps up with sprint-distance orienteering on the U of M campus in Missoula.
      location_on Missoula, MT access_time 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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      Grizzly Orienteering Club will host the last PNWOF event on the campus of the Montana Grizzlies. This is another national ranking event and promises to be fast.

      Information about this event and how to register can be found at

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        Mirabeau Point Park

        We'll be doing classic orienteering in this beautiful Spokane Valley park that has grassy fields, a beautiful waterfall, open forest, and basalt cliffs.
        location_on 2426 N Discovery PL, Spokane Valley access_time 10:00 AM - noon
        Note that this event is on Sunday.

        You might remember Mirabeau Point Park as the former location of the Walk In The Wild Zoo. Now it's probably Spokane Valley's most scenic park — and a great place to orienteer.

        Long-time orienteer Dave Sorg is making his debut as this event's Course Designer. He'll be setting out courses to suit the usual three experience levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

        You'll find the starter table just north of Centerplace Event Center.
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        Open House at Camp 7 Mile

        EWOC is participating in Riverside State Park's open house to help foster appreciation for Washington's state parks, and to introduce people to orienteering.
        location_on 7-Mile RD/Riverside Park Dr access_time 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (est)
        Riverside State Parks Foundation is hosting some "I Love State Parks" days this summer, encouraging people to come to the park to participate in various activities. The July 27th enticement will be a free orienteering open house set up by EWOC. What we envision is having one or two easy-ish courses set up, and people on hand to explain the basics to people who've never heard of orienteering before. It might be a good idea to even have a few club members who could walk with people to the first few controls.
        If you would like to help us design or set up easy courses, or could be available to introduce people to our sport, let us know using this
        quick form.
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          Vampire O

          Score Orienteering at night – plus an element of hide-and-seek. Come see why this has become our most popular annual event.
          location_on 21st/S Park Dr access_time Register at 5:45 PM for 6:30 PM mass start

          For the 17th year in a row the brave and the adventurous will gather to orienteer in Manito Park after dark. Vampire O is a score-O format event, meaning everyone starts at the same time and races to find as many controls as they can within a 60 minute time limit. Controls count for 20, 30, or 40 points apiece. Ties in points are settled by who returns to the start first.

          But beware, dear adventurer, there's more: someone among you is a vampire who will steal some of your points if they find you unprotected out in the open. Once you're "bitten" you take a turn at being the vampire. To protect yourself from vampires look for talisman's like the holy water, the giant crucifix, and the wooden stake (pictured at right). Don't worry, details of the rules will be reviewed and questions answered before the start.

          5:45 registration
          6:15 review of the rules
          6:30 mass start
          7:30 time's up

          This is a family-friendly Halloween-themed event. Costumes are encouraged.

          This year we will start in the parking lot near 21st/S Park Drive. That should change up the game a little as well as make it easier for everyone to find nearby parking.

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            EWU Campus

            Come to Cheney for sprint-style orienteering on the beautiful campus of Eastern Washington University. (Go Eags!)
            location_on Woodward LN and Playfield LN, Cheney, WA access_time 10:00 AM - noon
            Eastern's Epic Adventures and EWOC team up to bring you sprint orienteering that everyone will enjoy.

            Don't let the word "sprint" worry you —you don't have to run fast if that's not your thing. Sprint orienteering means that the map is very detailed (1:4000 scale), the courses are shortish, and there's not much vegetation slowing you down. You probably won't get lost at this event. The challenge will be to quickly pick the best routes to controls from all the possible ways you could go.

            Meet in the
            tailgating lot west of Roose Field.
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