Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

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Members Free Event
Lincoln Park
May 20, 2023

Novice (800 M, 9 controls)
Rochelle Schoenleber 14:17
Susan Bates-Harbuck 19:56
Intermediate (2.3 Km, 13 controls)
Beckett Schoenleber 28:42
Andy Jacobs 44:03
William Rimmer 45:00
Freeman Thompson 57:37
Lexi Oellrich 57:38
Dana and Jordan Eberly 01:00:14
Diane and Ken Delanoy 01:11:49
Advanced (2.2 Km, 12 controls)
John Harbuck 30:05
John Schmitt 35:48
Rob Roose 59:15
Angela Rose 01:06:51
Annie Jensen 01:27:20
Dave Sorg DNF
Course Designer: Tracy Schoenleber
Registration: John Beck
Control Placement/Pickup: John Beck
This event marks the beginning of the modern age for EWOC, with the first implementation of e-punch technology. See analysis of your performance compared to others leg by leg at the Sportident page.