Eastern Washington Orienteering Club


Vampire O
Saturday, October 21, 2023
Spokane, WA

Score-O Format
(60 minutes, 30 controls, 900 possible pts possible,
-50 pts per min. OT, -50 pts per vampire bite)
Plus Minus Total
Cyber Duck Space Pirate9000900
Goofy Goobers9000900
Clara and Kelly9000900
Beckett Schoenleber8300830
James Dorman7200720
Martha and Liz: “The Wild Wests”64050590
Freeman Thompson and Annie Jensen60050550
Pack 2804600460
Team Reluctant Bloodsuckers50050450
Dusty Thomas600150450
Jacob and Maggie49050440
DTS Girls4100410
Jane Leggett3900390
Super Trooper43050380
Scout Troop 53843050380
Cori Bartlow3600360
Kittens Creed IV3600360
Charles and Julie Gallagher2500250
Dave Sorg and Molly Sleeth1700170
Fawn, Bea, Ginny, and Irene1200120
Course designer: Tracy Schoenleber
Registration: John Beck
Control Pickup: The Eberlys, Beckett Schoenleber, Cori Bartlow
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Note: there were a lot of reports of missing controls, but after the event the control pickup crew found all controls in place where they were supposed to be. There are at least two things to consider if you were in the frustrating situation of feeling like you were in the right place but not seeing the control.
1. Did you check the control description? One control description said the control was on the inside corner of a hedge. If you misread or forgot to read the description you could've been looking for it on the outside corner where you wouldn't have been able to see it.
2. During the day we see a lot farther and have sunlight for a reference direction even when we aren't really thinking about it. At night we can easily think we're looking at one map feature but we're actually looking at a similar one that's nearby. When you're not seeing the control where you expect it, carefully expand your search with an eye to being sure you're exactly where you think you are.