Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

Saltese Uplands
September 27, 2020
Greenacres, WA

Novice (2.1 Km, 9 controls)
Dusty and Elias Thomas 39:38
Madison Merica and Mike Dehaan 52:48
James and Nicole Dorman 63:20
Si and Parker Carroll 71:08
Art Thayer and Cooper Green 71:42
Julie Thayer and Riley Green 92:26
Intermediate (2.0 Km, 9 controls)
Allison Brown 32:05
John Beck 67:53
Greg Timperio and Alayna Nelson 86:32
Advanced (3.9 Km, 11 controls
Will Enger 29:53
Boris Granovskiy 40:50
Dave Enger 63:44
Carleen Vanderostyne and Michelle Breach 138:22
David Sora DNF
Herman J. Winfield and Molly Cline DNF
Beckett Schoenleber DNF
Tracy Schoenleber DNF
Course designer and Meet Registration: John Harbuck
Control Pickup: John Harbuck, John Beck, Tracy and Beckett Schoenleber