Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

Note about E-Punching:

These events will utilize e-punching, rather than the paper punch system that we've used at past EWOC events. You'll need a Sportident™ finger stick, pictured below, to record your visits to controls.

If you're an EWOC member, we'll loan you the finger stick for any or all of the week's 4 events (a $5 savings per course). Reserve yours now using the form below. We'll email you the finger stick's serial number which you'll need when you register online.

If you already have your own finger stick you can continue on now to the OUSA registration site.

Reserving An E-punch Finger Stick

? We need your name so we know who to hand the finger stick to.
? We'll email you the serial number of the finger stick we reserve for you. You'll need it when you pre-register for events.
? Pick up your finger stick at the check-in for this event
? Turn your finger stick in at the finish of this event.
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