Some of the events on this page are hosted by us and some of them are hosted by other clubs in the region.

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Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

Scheduled Nearby Events For 2019

June 16


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Fishtrap Ultralong (Ultimate Orienteer 9)

Cascade Orienteering Club sponsors this event a half-hour southwest of Spokane at Fishtrap Lake.. Courses will have you navigating across the beautiful, but challenging terrain of the channeled scablands. The theme of the day is "ultra long,' so that should paint a picture for you.
See the
Ultimate Orienteer 9 page for more details.
Map Info and Directions To The Start

October 5


High Bridge Park — New Map!

This new map by Tracy Schoenleber actually covers four contiguous parks: High Bridge, Spokanimal Dog Park, People's Park, and Centennial Trail Park. You'll navigate through pine forests alongside —and across — the Spokane River. John Harbuck will design courses for this map's debut.
Map Info and Directions To The Start

October 19

6:00-6:20 pm

Mass Start:
6:30 pm

Vampire O At Manito

Celebrate the haunting season with EWOC at this night event in Manito Park. You've visited Manito in daylight, but have you ever tried to navigate around it by headlamp and moonlight? Vampire O is like score orienteering — everyone starts at the same time and tries to find as many control points as possible within the 60 minute time limit. In the Vampire O version you also have to avoid losing points to the vampire. Arrive at 6:00 pm to register, plan your route, and learn the fun rules. Costumes are encouraged.
Many people want to know if this event is scary. Course designer Tracy Schoenleber says it's about on a par with trick-or-treating: it's going to be dark out and their might be some tame Halloween decorations, but no one is going to be grabbing you. This should be fun for just about the whole family.
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