Some of the events on this page are hosted by us and some of them are hosted by other clubs in the region.

See our FAQ page regarding when to show up when there is a range of time such as “11-noon.”

Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

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Scheduled Nearby Events For 2018

May 18-21


Sage Stomp

The 33rd annual Sage Stomp will be presented by Sage Orienteering Club of British Columbia. Their club website says that the event will be "bigger and better than ever," and feature an increased focus on training. Registration links will be provided here when they become available.

June 23


The Bowl and Pitcher

On June 23rd John Harbuck will design courses for one of our club's greatest venues, and on a newly updated map. Explore rock bluffs and forest within earshot of the rushing Spokane River. Meet between 11:00 and noon to register, mark your map, and be assigned a start time.

Please remember that parking in Riverside State Park requires a Washington State Discover Pass, which helps Washington State maintain 100 developed state parks, 2000 miles of trail and more.
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September 22

Class pre-registration:

Event start/registration:

Finch Arboretum Club Event and Classes

The most common question we get, here at EWOC Central, is "do you guys ever offer classes?" Well, the answer is, "just once a year," and this is that one day. Long-time EWOC member and Gonzaga Professor John Beck will teach two classes and set courses for an orienteering event in between. You'll have to pre-register through Spokane Parks and Rec for either of the classes. You can register for the club event on-site as usual. Details of the day are below.

Class: Introduction To Orienteering

EWOC has partnered with Spokane Parks and Rec to offer "Intro To Orienteering." You'll learn the basics, like how to make sense of an orienteering map, how to use a compass, and how to use the compass and map together. At the end of the class time you'll practice your newfound knowledge at the actual club event which follows (at no additional cost). If you've thought orienteering sounded fun but didn't know how to get started, this class is for you.

Class starts at 9:30 in the information building at Finch Arboretum. Register online for $15.

Finch Arboretum Orienteering

After the morning Intro class we'll have a classic point-to-point orienteering event in Finch Arboretum. Registration for event-only people will be between 11:00 and noon. Arrive early enough so you can finish by 1:00 so John can start the afternoon class on time. Regular map fees apply if you're not enrolled in one of the classes.
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Class: Orienteering Skills

The morning class is about the mechanics of orienteering. Start with that class first if you aren't familiar with using a compass together with a map. The afternoon class is a little more about the art. Learn about estimating distances, seeing and selecting between route choices, staying "found," and ways to complete orienteering courses faster. This class alone won't make you an expert in the sport, but it will give you an good idea what skills and strategies are worth practicing.

This class includes participation in the Finch Arboretum event beforehand, so show up for that around 11:00. Class will be in the information building (and outside) from 1:00 to about 3:00. Register online for $15.

October 20

6:00 pm
Mass Start:
6:30 pm

Vampire Orienteering In Manito Park

After two years away, Vampire O is back in the better-lit Manito Park!

Vampire O is our Halloween-themed family friendly event held after dark. Participants will all start at 6:30pm and have 60 minutes to collect all the points they can. Look for a crucifix, wooden stake, or jug of holy water to protect you from the vampire so you don't lose any points. Arrive at 6:00 to register, strategize with your map, and learn the rules.
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November 10



Saint Georges School — Meeting and Event

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EWOC will finish out its calendar year with a meeting and event at Saint Georges School in northwest Spokane. There was a time when EWOC had meetings monthly! Now we pack most of all our calendar planning into a single fast-paced one-hour meeting. This is your chance to influence what kind of events we host, and when. Plus — attend the meeting and we'll waive your fees for the orienteering event afterward! Meeting at 10;00, classic orienteering event starting afterward.
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