Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

Results From Recent Events


Sandpoint Street Scramble
April 20, 2019
Sandpoint, Idaho

Tracy Schoenleber and Jessye Ayotte 1760
Susan Bates Harbuck 1640
Laura and John Phillips 1540
Barbara Best, Mary Franzel and Erin Busby 1240
Kathleen and Thomas Arnold 1220
On Foot
Dusty Thomas and Ryan Price 1160
John Beck 780
Holly and Kate Andrews 200
Course Designers: John Harbuck and Ed Robinson


Manito Park
March 9. 2019
Spokane, WA

Novice (13 controls, 2.1 km)
Hopkins 60:33
Intermediate (17 controls, 2.6 km)
Trent Carey 29:08
Ty Stuart 33:40
Dusty Thomas 34:00
Ryan Price 34:13
Tracy Schoenleber 36:56
Cline and Walter 43:40
Taylor 55:37
Dan and Friends 65:40
Chisolm 91:13
Course Designer: John Beck
Registration: John Beck
Control Pickup: Tracy Schoenleber, Trent Carey
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February 10, 2019
Camp 7-Mile, Riverside State Park
Spokane County

(Score-O, 90 Minutes, 5-40 pts per control)
John Beck 145
Tracy Schoenleber 140
Beckett Schoenleber 130
Dave Sorg 100
Course Designer: Trent Carey
Control Pickup: Trent Carey, John Beck,
Tracy Schoenleber, Beckett Schoenleber